How to store our products correctly ?




LHRAD suggests the following storage guidelines for its finished products :

  • Unless directed otherwise by LHRAD , products should be kept in their original packaging until they are ready to be placed into service .

  • Do not remove or alter any lables or stencil markings on the packaging .

  • Products should be stored in such a way that the packaging is not pierced , crushed or otherwise damaged .

  • After a product is removed from its packaging , it should be placed into service as soon as possible .

  • When removing a product that is not individually packaged from a bulk pack container , the container should be resealed immediately after the product is removed .

  • The stroage area temperature should be maintained between 0°ś and 40°ś ; temperature fluctuations should be minimized .

  • The relative humidity should be maintained below 60 percent and the surfaces should be dry .

  • The storage area should be kept free freom airborne contaminants such as , but not limited to dust , dirt , harmful vapors, etc .

  • The storage area should be isolated from undue vibration .

  • Extreme conditions of any kind should be avoided .